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Today, roughly 80% of the United States’ population lives in or near a town or city. To match the needs of this increasingly mobile and urban population, The Liquid Group has developed turnkey, customizable solutions...


Today, roughly 80% of the United States’ population lives in or near a town or city. Lifestyle centers are integral to the social fabric of these areas. They are unique micro-cities creating  "Live, Work, Play" environments. This growing urban population is home to a variety of influential and affluent audiences who are spending more and more time outside the home. Properties that are developed effectively can reach mass urban audiences rapidly and consistently throughout the day, in every outdoor environment.”


These urban audiences are traditionally difficult to reach due to the fragmentation caused by the growing number of devices and communication channels. It turns out, however, that surrounding these audiences in their everyday environment, closer to the point of sale is more effective as in this environment,  they are in a “buying” mode. To match the needs of this increasingly mobile and urban population, Liquid Digital has developed turnkey, customizable solutions targeted to municipalities, businesses and developers who support and interact with this urban demographic.”

Property Development Solutions

Liquid’s smart kiosks, with industry-leading software and unparalleled luminance, are a holistic, integrated, ad-supported,  solution. The kiosk's customizable housing allows for seamless incorporation into any streetscape, architecture or design element. In addition to their wayfinding functionality, our kiosks have security and selfie cameras, audience analytics, public safety alerts, event promotion and much,  more! Click here to learn more about our kiosk solutions.

Our Process

Solutions Options

| Interactive Wayfinding

| Mobile Engagement

| Audience Connectivity

| Data Collection & Analysis

| Dining & Retail Information

| Wi-Fi

| Selfie-Cam

| Event Promotion

| Security Cameras

| Localized Services

| Emergency Alerts

| Turnkey Installation

| Customized Lighting

| Customized Promotions

| Preferred Tenant Access

| Public Service Announcements

| Programmatic Digital Advertising

| Real-time Customer Engagement

Why Liquid Outdoor?

Liquid Outdoor has partnered with Duke Energy OnesmartLINK, and other tech-forward companies to form the solutions provider "The Liquid Group". We specialize in downtown business districts, micro-cities, mixed-use/lifestyle centers, entertainment districts and neighborhoods. We collaborate with our clients and partners to provide elegant cost-effective solutions while driving economic growth.


This alliance was created to meet the needs of property developers as growing urbanization has created opportunities to reach mass audiences in a more engaging and contextual manner. As people are spending more time outside their homes and offices, relevant and consistent messaging to this audience has become more of a priority. Whether increasing overall awareness or targeting defined audiences, we enable brands to communicate directly to consumers more reliability, effectively and with increased ROI (return on investment).


We have been at the forefront of modernization for this market delivering a medium that is inventive, engaging and accountable while increasing relevancy in everyday urban life. We build relationships between audiences and brands by creating engaging campaigns that allowing audiences not only to observe but to interact and be entertained thus building relationships with brands through real-life activates. This is a core strength of The Liquid Group. Our primary goals are to invest in technology, package solutions and create sustainable business models and to enhance the city and town life for its owners' residents. We deliver quality solutions, property enhancement, and larger audiences.


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Examples of Our Work





Sunset Development wanted to install wayfinding and ancillary advertising revenue to the existing center, City Center Bishop Ranch. The lifestyle center was designed with specific architecture criteria and thus had very specific visual requirements.



Liquid Outdoor hired the architect responsible for the original City Center Bishop Ranch blueprint to design a special facade of the new digital kiosks.



The new state-of-the-art digital kiosks blended perfectly into the existing appearance of the lifestyle center and were indistinguishable from the original elements.